Well-Being Concepts


Never before has self-care and wellness been as important as it is in today’s fast-paced digital and competitive corporate world. Companies are increasingly facing high healthcare costs and need to start developing environments and integrated practices to balance out stress levels employees are exposed to. Marie-Sophie Kiepe has developed a profound understanding of the scope and importance of this evolution through her Masters Degree in Public Health with majors in Health Promotion and Prevention combined with a wealth of experience, stretching over a decade as a Physical Therapist, Osteopath and Health Coach in clinical settings as well as at Opera Houses and in the private business sector. 

This has led Marie-Sophie Kiepe to consult companies in various industries and help them conceptualize and implement tangible and transformational experience programs. Whether those are corporations concerned with the well-being of their employees or hoteliers that want to actively contribute to the well-being of their guests, Marie-Sophie Kiepe creates tailored concepts based on mind-body practices (for example Ayurveda, Yoga, Shamanic & energetic techniques) rooted in ancient traditions, dance psychology and manual medicine.