The Touch

This customized well-being package is individually tailored to the needs and desires of each client. It integrates a holistic assessment and diagnosis, a unique meditation and movement workout as well as a treatment based on The Touch Unity and the professionell use of essential and herbal oils.


The Touch – Unity

A unique well being session that is blending the essence of manual massage techniques and energy alignment. The body is perceived and adjusted on three physical levels: musculoskeletal system, visceral system and nervous system. After adjusting and aligning the physical body, Marie-Sophie applies Tibetan Pulse to align the energetic body. This ancient healing art works with the magnificent pulse beat of your own heart as the impulse for your transformation. The session leaves you with a deep sense of embodied awareness, wholeness and rejuvanation.

The Touch - Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation is an embodied mindfulness practice that combines diverse techniques of meditation, Tibetan Yoga, Tai Chi and dance. Exploring the ever-changing, and ever interacting nature of life through our bodies, we will develop intrinsic body awareness through breath work and movement.

Using rhythmic and flowing sequences, Marie-Sophie will guide you through movement methods that exercises the mind and body, while creating core strength and flexibility.


Women`s Health

Women`s health is an area of specialisation within medicine both osteopathic and in physiotherapeutic care. Women undergo different stages of life and with that a multitude of changes that require adaptability. Supple adolescence body brings hormonal changes, growth spurts and emotional demands passing through the transition to adulthood. The treatement includes pre and postnatal care as well as pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder weakness, and back, pelvic, pubic or sacroiliac pain.