Somatic Coaching

How to get in touch
with yourself

A unique 1:1 Online Coaching Program to reconnect with yourself

Are you being pushed around in your emotional landscape? Feeling disconnected from yourself? Wondering where your intuition has been hiding?

In the midst of this pandemic – now more than ever we need to tend to ourselves. Getting in touch with yourself is the first step to awaken your self-regulation abilities. As a complementary medical practitioner and well-being enthusiast I’m happy to offer you access to my knowledge of Tibetian Energy Work, Yin Tao, Osteopathic Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, Gyrotonic and support you to meet yourself on an individual basis. Together we’ll activate your self-healing mechanisms.

The Program

Over the course of 6 weeks I’ll help you dive into yourself and reconnect with your mind body and soul. Together we’ll discover the answers within you and regulate your emotions.

  • Bi-Weekly one-to-one sessions of 2 hours in a safe space
  • Access to over 10 years of knowledge through my practice as a physiotherapist and osteopath, teaching embodiment and guiding people towards healing
  • Individual healing solutions including exercises and tools including (movement) meditations, mudras, mantras, frequencies, self-massage techniques and flower remedies
  • Personalized manual with all the specific exercises and tools for your further practice
  • An intimate companionship on the journey of self-healing

Special Bonus | Start the new year with a head start

The renowned astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen will cover you with an astrological outlook for 2021. Providing you with everything you need to make use of your chances in the upcoming months.

It’s time to bring your emotions to light, feel and release them so you can feel secure in your body again!

Make Lasting Changes

+ You’ll have an heightened awareness for your needs.
+ You’ll feel in sync with your body.
+ You’ll be able to self-regulate your emotions.
+ You’ll be experiencing the wonderful act of self-healing.
+ You’ll learn about ancient wisdom and their practices.
+ You’ll release physical and emotional blockages.


Investment of 1290 Euro (incl. VAT).

10% Discount with Nomade Atelier’s Gift Code 1161 Euro (incl. VAT).